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Kindle Corner is a charity that provides a lifeline to children and their families.

We believe in inspiring a love for reading from a young age. 

Reading is the strongest indicator of a child's future success in life.

Unfortunately, COVID has accelerated educational inequality at an alarming rate and our services are now needed more than ever.


Recruiting workers and volunteers isn’t a problem. One of our biggest challenges is to find the funds. As a charity, we depend on the support of donors to reach our mission. Your generous donation means the difference between motivated, educated children and not. This is because storytelling  and our stay & play workshops ensure kids are learning the language and making sense of the world, in a safe environment and friendly atmosphere


Donations can contribute to but not limited to, purchasing new story books, play toys, training staff and volunteers, providing families with safe tools and equipment during the workshops and play schemes, hiring a space for the activities (if needed), etc.



•    Have a one- off donation option

•    Monthly direct debit donation option

•    Option to donate via pay pal

•    Gift aid


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