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Our programmes are designed for ages 0-11, they are all FREE to join and designed to ‘ignite’ and create joy, fun and love in reading! Kindle stay and play are for our young readers 0-4 and Story Workshops are designed for 5-11 Year olds. 


See below details of Stay and play sessions and storytelling workshops . For weekly updates please email us or follow us on Instagram.

Kindle Stay and Play Sessions are FREE weekly sessions at The Living Centre held every Tuesday from 10-12pm. 

Enjoy singing with the sounds of the alphabets, we familiarise our families with the concept of phonics to give them an early start and an idea of what to expect when their children start school in the early years, so that they are not thrown by phonics.


Inquisitive Kids Stay and Play are FREE monthly sessions [First Friday of every month] from 10-12pm  held at the Francis Crick Gallery. Children learn about science  through an interactive science related story where they travel through the story carrying out the science activity along the way.

Storytelling Workshops are FREE  sessions designed for ages 4-11 held at The Story Garden from 4:15pm -5pm. Storytelling a read aloud is a wonderful performance style that can thoroughly enthrall young audiences and spark their engagement in absolutely any subject bringing their story to life and a better understanding of the world around them.

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